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Here at Allen Hire UK, we stock a wide range of access equipment available for immediate hire – one of the most popular offerings is the versatile Peco Lift.

This lightweight platform is easy to manoeuvre and has a small footprint, making it ideal for working in tight spaces or areas with limited access. We’re often asked about this piece of equipment, so we’ve gathered the most commonly asked questions about the Peco Lift into this product feature, this includes:

What is a Pecolift?

A Peco Lift is a compact and portable access platform meant to elevate a single person, and their tools, to a height of up to 3.5 metres. It boasts a small footprint of only 0.99m by 0.70m meaning that it can easily fit through a standard doorway.

It features a vertical mast with a platform that can be raised by turning a handle – this means that no power source is required. The Peco Lift features an auto-lock system that ensures that the platform cannot be moved whilst the operative is using it, protecting them from potential accidents or injuries whillst on the platform.

They are commonly used by operatives who need to work at an elevated height indoors but do not require the capabilities offered by larger access platforms such as the Nano Lift or the S3219E electric scissor lift.

Do you Need Training to use a Peco Lift?

When operating any sort of access equipment, it’s important that the operative is trained in safely operating the platform as well as working at elevated heights. This will help to minimise the risk of accidents or injuries.

How High Does a Pecolift go?

The Peco Lift can provide access to working heights of up to 3.5m. This makes the Peco Lift the ideal access platform for indoor spaces such as office buildings or retail floors.

Peco Lift Uses 

Due to it’s small footprint, the Peco Lift is ideal for use in indoor spaces such as retail floors, office buildings or even hotels. They are quiet and easy to manoeuvre, allowing operatives to work in busy environments without disrupting other staff.

Mostly commonly, the Peco Lift is used as a safer alternative to a ladder as it doesn’t require another operative to ensure that the ladder is steady and that the person working at an elevated height is not in danger of falling. Thus, Peco Lifts are usually used for installations, making repairs at heights, general maintenance work or for accessing high ceilings.

Benefits of a Pecolift?

There are many benefits to using a Pecolift, some of which we have already touched on, we’ve summarised the major upsides below:

    • It features a small footprint of only 0.7 square metres (0.99m by 0.7m) – this makes the Peco Lift easy to move around in tight spaces, allows it to easily fit in doorways or elevators and ensures that other staff in the local vicinity are not disrupted.

    • The Peco Lift has been designed with the operatives safety as a priority – it features handrails on all sides of the platform and an anti-slip surface.

    • There are no steps to climb.

    • The height of the platform can be readjusted whilst still on the platform.

    • No power source is required.

    • Environmentally friendly.

    • Offers unlimited lift cycles – it can be used 24/7.

Final Thoughts

If you’re after a small, easily-maneurved, indoors access platform, the Peco Lift is the best solution for your needs. If you’re interested in hiring a peco lift, reach out to our friendly team who will be more than happy to quote you a price and arrange a delivery to your address. We are based in Stockton-on-tees and operate within the local vicinity


Can PecoLifts be used outdoors?

Whilst the Peco Lift can be used outdoors, it’s important to consider the weather conditions, the terrain and any other potential hazards which may pose a risk of the operative of the platform. In general, it’s recommended that the Peco Lift is used indoors but, if need be, it can be used outdoors.

Can you move the PecoLift whilst it’s elevated?

The height of the platform can be adjusted whilst in use but the platform cannot be moved as it utilises an auto-lock system; this ensures that the platform cannot be moved whilst in operation for the safety of the person using it. If you wish to move the platform, you should lower it to its lowest position first.

How do you transport a PecoLift?

Peco Lifts can be easily transported by using a trailer, truck or van as long as they can handle loads of more than 180kg. Be sure to secure the platform with heavy duty strapping to prevent any accidents or damage to your vehicle.


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