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Tig Welder for Hire

The NewArc RT2500 tig welder empowers you to achieve flawlessly welded results every time.  This advanced equipment features a digital display that provides precise readings and allows you to make on-the-fly adjustments with ease.

Contact us today to reserve the NewArc RT2500 Tig Welder for hire. With our affordable top-of-the-line equipment and dedicated customer service team, you can be confident that you’ll complete your project on time and within budget.


H320 x W180 x L430mm




250 Amps

Duty Cycle

TIG=60% MMA=100% at 40C

Key Features

The RT2500 Tig Welder features a digital current display for real-time monitoring of welding current, ensuring precise adjustments during welding.

Adjustable pre and post-gas timing provides optimal shielding gas flow to prevent weld contamination and protect the weld from oxidation.

The RT2500 offers slope up and slope down settings for smooth arc initiation and termination, minimising the risk of arc strikes and crater formation.

With 2T and 4T torch switch modes, operators can choose between continuous or single-touch welding, this helps in  reducing fatigue during long welds.

The welder’s wide input range of 380-480V ensures compatibility with various power supply systems, making it suitable for diverse industrial environments.


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