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Peco Lift for Hire

Introducing the Peco Lift, the perfect solution for your elevated access needs. This innovative and versatile access equipment offers exceptional performance and ease of use. With its compact design and lightweight construction, the Peco Lift is easy to manoeuvre and transport, making it ideal for various indoor and outdoor applications.

Maximum Working Height


Maximum Platform Height


Safe Working Load


Platform Size

700 x 600mm

Power Source


Setup Time


Key Features

The Peco Lift features a simple and efficient setup process, allowing you to get to work quickly without any hassle or delay.

Being purely man-powered, this lift offers smooth and quiet operation, minimising disruption to your surroundings.

With its compact size and lightweight design, the Peco Lift can easily navigate through narrow doorways, tight spaces, and restricted access areas, providing you with versatile access solutions.

Equipped with safety features such as handrails and safety gates, the Peco Lift ensures a secure working environment. Its stable base and non-marking casters provide excellent stability and protect delicate flooring surfaces.

Whether you’re conducting maintenance, installation, or repairs, the Peco Lift is suitable for a wide range of tasks in warehouses, retail environments, offices, and more.


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