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Diesel Welder Generator for Hire

This powerful and versatile diesel welder generator is your go-to solution for arc welding, boasting an impressive output of 300A that guarantees unmatched welding performance. No matter the project or the type of DC electrodes you’re working with, the Eco300 has got you covered. Designed to thrive in the harshest environments, this welder generator is engineered for reliability and stability.

Rated Voltage

Max 85W

Welding Rod


Run Time


Noise Level


Max Spool Size

305mm, 20kg

Skid Weight

348 kg

Tow Trailer Weight

393 kg

Skid Dimensions

1410 x 566 x 760mm

Road Tow Trailer Dimensions

2560 x 1200 x 1110mm

Key Features

Experience smooth starting and a stable constant arc for precise welding results, ensuring top-notch performance in any welding task.

Enjoy the convenience of using the welder and AC power simultaneously, allowing you to tackle multiple tasks efficiently.

This generator optimises fuel consumption, providing cost-effective operation without compromising power output.

Safety is important, and the Shindaiwa Eco300 comes equipped with RCD Breakers as standard, ensuring enhanced protection during operation.

Its sizeable 37-litre fuel tank ensures extended operation, reducing downtime and allowing you to focus on the job at hand.


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